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29 October 2005 @ 03:32 pm
First Application Completed!!!  
Oh dear gosh and a half.
I have just pressed the "submit" button on my first completed college application. I feel so vulnerable. However, I guess I'm relieved a little bit. It's one less thing to do this weekend, one more thing checked off of my list. But it's strange to know that a chunk of my future life is now totally out of my hands...Makes me feel very empty and small, very scrutinized and voiceless.
Argh. And now the grammatical terrors have set in...I'm never reading that essay again, for fear of finding a misplaced comma or a "their" instead of "there" that can never be replaced.
For the record, it was Loyola Chicago's fasttrack that I just sent in, not the terrifying UChicago application. I'm going to cry over that one for a while tonight, methinks.
Current Mood: cold(typing with gloves is tough)
Current Music: Gorrilas, feel good inc.